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A phone booth offers privacy to make phone calls free of interruptions in an open plan or activity based office environment. With Framery O phone booth you can design your office in a totally new way. Placing the booths in the middle of the office staff allows you to realize open plan office without the common noise problems.

The materials and design of the phone booth provide a very effective sound environment. Due to great sound insulation booth can be placed right next to the work station. The acoustic felt and the acoustic sheet made of recycled rubber fiber in the interior absorb sound, making the space also echo-free.

The Framery O phone booth interior is designed so that the user is always facing the acoustic paneling. Thanks to the electric socket, video and web conferences can also be carried out using a laptop.

Framery is a Finnish company. Framery designs and manufactures closed, quiet spaces for contemporary open offices and work environments. Products are easy to assemble and relocate when necessary.



Top Traffic White (RAL9016)


Outside measures 1000x1000x2210mm
Door 840mm, requires +900 mm, Left handed door, Inside measures 798x900x2004mm
Table 700x285x120 mm, 1100 mmH

Lead Time

10-14 Weeks


Classic O seat: Framery Wool Light Grey 1000 fabric, Optional O seat colors (Black-Grey 183, Aqua 143, Orange129, Green52), Special O seat colors
Adjustable seat: Framery Wool Light Grey 100 fabric. Optional Adjustable seat colors (Black-Grey 183, Aqua 143, Orange 129, Green 52). Special adjustable seat colors
Optional tabletop colors: Black-Grey NCS S 8500-N, Turquoise NCS S 1555-B10G, Green NCS S 2070-G40Y, Orange NCS S 1080-Y60R. Special tabletop colors: NCS-S or RAL Classic. Laminated white and plywood table
Optional exterior colors (Turquoise NCS S 1555-B10G, Green NCS S 2070-G40Y, Orange NCS S 1080-Y60R)
Brushed stainless steel exterior
Special exterior colors (NCS-S or RAL Classic
Black-Grey (NCS S 8500-N) frames and door
Special frames and door color (NCS-S or RAL Classic)
Laminated white and plywood frames and door
Occupancy sensor for LED lighting and air circulation


Glass: Double glazing 5+5. Sound insulation film, Walls and Roof: Stainless steel, Multi layered (6) structures ensuring echo free space, Wall color black (Black NCA S 8500-N) or white (RAL9016), frame color white, Interior color dark grey acoustic felt, Anti-static and stain resistant carpet Desso Essence dark grey, Electric socket, air circulation system with move sensor,
Integrated LED lighting


5 years