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Providing workers with environments that support well-being is essential to the success of an organization. The Migration height-adjustable desk/bench allows users to transition from seated to standing height postures throughout the day, stimulating mental and physical activity.

With a purposeful design and T-shape leg, the Migration ensures high performance for users by maintaining excellent quality standards. The Migration makes planning and specifying easy by offering an optimized statement of line and a surface material palette curated to integrate into any environment.

The Migration provides users the flexibility to adapt their work posture throughout the day, ensuring healthy work modes. Features like intuitive controllers and the collision sensor allow safe and comfortable height adjustment for every user.





Height Range 720mm - 1200mm


Colour Migration is available in standard leg finishes; White, Pearl Snow, Platinum Metallic, Pearl Alu and Merie. Migration also offers 4 uniques accent paint finishes for the legs and the edge banding; Wasabi, Blue Jay, Tangerine and Scarlet.
Top Work surfaces are available in all Steelcase standard melamines; Laminate, Veneer, OLL and Customised Stain


Rectangle top dimensions: 1168.4mmW, 1320.8mmW, 1473.2mmW, 1625.6mmW and 1778mmW; 584.2mmD, 736.6mmD and 889mmD