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In any workplace, the bottom line is the health and wellbeing of its workers. A health-conscious workplace protects the company’s most significant investment and ensures the greatest productivity, efficiency, and innovation possible.

Ology makes it easy to change work surface height and posture, and its convenient, intuitive controls encourage more health conscious behaviors. Supporting the physiology and biology of workers to make the workplace a more health-conscious environment.

Available with two user interface options: a programmable user interface that includes a quick collaboration button to automatically adjust the height of the work surface to a comfortable standing-height position and an intuitive user interface.



Colour Paint: Arctic White, Silver, or Merle
Top Laminate: Arctic White, Seagull, Acacia, Clear Walnut, Graphite Walnut, or Merle




Soft Edge: Significantly reduces unhealthy pressure on forearms, and reduces shoulder and neck fatigue.
Power Access Door: Puts power outlets and data connections within easy reach.
Integrated Rail: Provides support for work tools, monitor arms and lighting above the work surface, expanding the
work space, reducing clutter and enhancing productivity.
Intuitive Controller: Easily adjusts desk height at 42mm per second. Users can make micro-adjustments to tailor the desk height to their personal preference.
Programmable Controller: Allows individual users to set up to 4 seated and standing height positions. While activated, the digital display shows the desk height. (Optional)