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SOTO enhances an investment in office furniture by meeting more employee needs and utilising vertical space in increasingly smaller work environments.







Monitor Bridge:
- Reclaim worksurfaces by securing and elevating monitors, tablets and laptops as second screens.
- Optional shelf can support three SOTO personal boxes for additional organisation.

Laptop Shelf:
- Simple to use a laptop as a second screen with an external keyboard and mouse.
- Supports rear- or side-mounted docking stations.
- Secures tablet or mobile phone in display or video chat angle.

Ergo Edge:
- Wrists and forearms are supported, while also creating a personal boundary.
- Available with or without antimicrobial treatment.

Desk Pad:
- Find a sense of personal boundary at shared or open benches while supporting wrists and forearms.
- Available with or without antimicrobial treatment.