An Introduction to Lintex.

You want a space of your own, a place for your thoughts, your ideas and your words. LINTEX manufactures writing boards for schools and offices but bring to this a stringency and subtlety like a well-developed fashion line. They add style and design expertise in a world in which aesthetics have, for years, taken a back seat. Whiteboards, office screens and sound absorbers have been the anonymous carthorses of schools and conference premises. LINTEX have changed all that, aiming to surprise and challenge the image of what a writing board can be.

LINTEX maintains its very own attitude in this world of non- design. By working with a number of Scandinavia’s leading designers they give writable surfaces a stylish and functional beauty by using tempered glass, high end textiles, solid wood and enamelled steel. The focus on design and materiality heightens function of the products, making them a delight to use. The products deliver a simple function, but they do it with elegance. The level of design also improves what is written on the boards. Beautiful tools enhance creativity, out- of-the-box thinking and new options. That is why the products are so popular and that is why LINTEX is market leader in its field. Thinking big and never be afraid of being different.

LINTEX is a family business founded in 1983. Head office and factory are located in the town of Nybro in southern Sweden, a district associated with inventiveness and with Swedish handmade glass. LINTEX have subsidiary’s, sales offices and agents elsewhere in Scandinavia, Europe and various parts of the world.

  • This mobile whiteboard is crafted from solid oak with a contrasting crisp white enameled steel writing surface. Sharp lines and attention to every little detail makes this piece of furniture a sophisticated addition to any professional space.

  • A mobile glass writing board with a fabric-covered, sound-absorbent back. The Mood Fabric is a versatile screen that offers a seamless combination of materials and functions. Available in two sizes: a small model with a full glass front and a large model with a glass and textile front. Both have…

  • This mobile glass board combines sharp lines with all monochrome colors. Available in white, two shades of grey and a soft yellow, this piece of furniture is a contemporary addition to any modern office space.

  • A modern floor screen with sound-absorbing properties in a variety of designs and four types of textile. Rubber edging in seven colours. Adjustable feet available in four designs and three colours. The screens contains 40 mm recycled polyester that effectively absorbs sound and creates a more harmonious environment. The built-in…

Sustainability is now: This is where we are.

Our goal to reach net zero climate impact by 2030 is defined according to the Science Based Target initiative and in line with the Paris agreement. We’re committed to finding material with the lowest climate impact possible and work with local suppliers to minimize transports.

In 2022 our production facility in Nybro, Sweden will be a net producer of renewable energy, thanks to geothermal heating and over 4,200 solar panels installed on the factory roof. The panels produce around 1.5 million kWh annually. The surplus energy produced will cover the amount used in showrooms, sales offices and warehouses. The system is built to provide sustainable energy for many decades to come.

However, our products contain raw materials and details that are produced elsewhere. To better understand how to reduce our entire climate impact, we are currently carrying out extensive life cycle analyses, which provide data enabling us to minimize emissions of every product in our range. The results so far show that 80% of the climate footprint and 75–95% of the total environmental footprint lies in the production of raw material and components. Thanks to production improvements, only 3–4% of the environmental footprint derives from our own manufacturing.

We have started publishing the climate footprint for several products on our website, and more will come. Reaching net zero will be challenging, but we believe we can succeed, in close cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

Circular Products by 2030

By circular products we mean attractive, timeless products with a long life-span that that can stand up to years of hard use. The products should be made of reused or renewable material and be possible to disassemble into parts that can be reused or recycled.

Since we manufacture our products ourselves, we control the raw materials and processes we employ. But circularity starts in the design phase. Making a product that is attractive enough to survive a move from one office to another significantly reduces its long-term environmental footprint. We commit to increase the amount of recycled material in our products. So far more than 40% of filling, aluminium foil and casted aluminium is recycled. The packaging material is up to 80% recycled.

Recyclability is one of our most challenging tasks. When a product is damaged, it must be possible to repair it. When it is no longer needed, it must be possible to strip it down to its parts and reuse them in new products or material. Right now, few of our products are possible to fully disassemble and reuse or recycle. We are now working our way through our product range making changes.

We strive to ensure that all wood used in our products is certified by international organizations supporting responsible forestry. In line with this, we are certified according to the FSC Chain of Custody (License Code: FSC-C170086). Now, in March 2022, 87% of the wood we buy is FSC certified. EU Ecolabel or Oekotex fabrics and filling are available for all products. The e3 ceramic steel whiteboard surfaces we use has a 30- year guarantee and is Cradle to Cradle Certified.

We certify our products with the Swedish assessment system Byggvarubedömningen and Möbelfakta. Möbelfakta is a Swedish labelling system covering quality, environment, and social responsibility. Requirements include EN and ISO quality standards, absence of hazardous substances and compliance to the UN Global Compact principles. It is a type 1 eco-label according to ISO 14024. We are also ISO 14001-certified.

Empowering People

LINTEX is a Swedish family company founded in 1983. Today, 80% of our products are manufactured at our factory in Nybro, Småland, a region traditionally associated with innovation, enterprise and furniture production – a heritage that’s very much alive in our staff. Our employees include several generations of people with experience in manufacturing everything from Swedish art glass to flat-pack furniture, from textiles to automobiles. By delegating responsibilities and powers we want to create a working environment that provides physical well- being and mental satisfaction.

It is of highest priority that the people contributing to our products, work under good conditions and that human rights always are protected and promoted. We have chosen third party audits according to SMETA to verify compliance with the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) base code and our own Supplier Code of conduct.

Finally, we want our products to empower the people using them, by making innovation, learning and creativity possible.