Hand-crafted Elegance

Wendelbo has nurtured a Scandinavian craftsmanship tradition across three generations, and given life to innovative and classic designs, set in a modern and contemporary context. From the very start, our goal has been to develop and produce furniture with a strong visual identity, optimal function and comfort – all the while with an eye for the small details that make a big difference.

Wendelbo’s product palette is expressive and comprehensive and can, because of that, be incorporated into any interior setting – whether it be a private home, where style, function and comfort are the focus – or in public settings, where the emphasis is on a strong and striking signature, an international expression and long-lasting solutions. With a keen sense of current trends and of life as it is lived at home, in the workplace or wherever people get together, Wendelbo offers characteristic furniture with a clear identity and effortless comfort.

We never compromise on quality and set high standards for our factory. We are driven by a strong passion for design and are of the conviction that a long-lasting aesthetic is the best path to sustainability.

  • Jonas Ihreborn Bistro SofaJonas Ihreborn Bistro Sofa

    A restaurant and café inspired sofa that offers many alternatives. It can be customized for your project in different lengths. Moreover, buttons in the back is also option. Please select upholstery options here.

  • Wendelbo Balé SofaWendelbo Balé Sofa

    The minimal and elegant body of the sofa manages an act of balance, like a delicate ballerina, offering you a seat. Small brass details to catch the eye and draw attention to the slim legs are a unique feature of Balé as it balances easily and provides a distinct style.

  • Wendelbo Cornet Chair And SofaWendelbo Cornet Chair And Sofa

    A compact easy sofa with a characteristic high back that embraces the seat as a high stand collar or a cornet, creating the safe protective feeling and inviting you to get in, to find a cozy comfortable posture. This charming set from Boris Berlin Design is a great addition to…

  • Wendelbo Lilin Sofa

    INVITING CONVERSATION AND INTERACTION In a daily life in which we easily move through virtual and remote interactions, Lilin sofa has been conceived as an invitation to communication and conviviality. The soft shapes and rounded lines of the seat and backrest suggest a welcoming feeling of comfort, while the curve…

On a street corner in Aarhus in 1955, the small workshop opened its doors to the public. A business that now spans three generations and designs sold all over the world.

The headquarters are still located in Aarhus to this day, but to a slightly larger space.

Today, the Wendelbo collection is a modern selection of designs from a broad spectrum of international designers, culminating in a poised and elegant collection – which is 100 % true to its roots of great craftsmanship and quality.