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  • gohome Launch Junior Stool - Milky Way Bluegohome Launch Junior Stool - Cosmic Red

    Finally the offspring of the Launch Stool, the Launch Junior stool, is born. Designed by Ben McCarthy for Go Home, the Launch Junior stool is the ultimate kids seat. 30cm high, stackable, indestructible, and UV resistant the stools offer a stylish, modern design to complement any residential or childcare environment.…

  • gohome Launch Stool - Galaxy Greengohome Launch Stool - Cosmic Red

    Designed by Ben McCarthy for gohome. Rotationally molded recyclable polyethylene stool. About the stool, in Ben’s words. “The stool came about via a want to push the rotational molding process. Many other plastic, stackable stools are essentially up-side-down buckets, but I wanted to create something unfamiliar for the process, something…