New + Notable Catalogue

Places and Products That Work Better​​

Opening a New & Notable product catalog with thoughts on sustainability seems a bit counterintuitive. Clearly, the most sustainable approach must be to not bring even more furniture into this world? The key here is not necessarily more, but better.

We’re very engaged across Steelcase and our community of brands in pursuing what better design is. We start by being honest in the way we talk about our portfolio— in the materials we source and develop, the partners we elevate, and the supply chain we work with. We acknowledge that even though Steelcase has been leading strategies for sustainable materials, manufacturing, and (dis-)assembly for decades, there is always more to do.

We embrace our responsibility as designers to help create places that work better, not only for the planet but for all people, by making more satisfying and equitable experiences possible. In their own ways, all the products here share that spirit. I invite you to explore what’s new and notable as we continue to work toward the full impact of how design can make our future better.

Helping the World Work Better. We’re doing better for the planet by making, sourcing, and delivering products to reduce our carbon footprint; designing for circularity; and, choosing and using materials responsibly.

Steelcase is a global design and thought leader in the world of work. Along with our expansive community of brands, we design and manufacture innovative furnishings and solutions to help people do their best work in the many places where work happens.

In This Catalogue:

  • Get inspired by insight-driven, beautiful spaces
  • Discover a diverse range of new products spanning various categories
  • Hear from designers within Steelcase and our Community of Brands