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Navi TeamIsland integrates thoughtful design details that can enhance the wellbeing and performance of individuals and teams. And its efficient, flexible design enables organisations to change and grow—even in the most challenging real estate.

People are the greatest asset employers have. Supporting employee wellbeing enhances their engagement and effectiveness at work; the places where we work impact how we feel. Navi TeamIsland has been designed to nurture the wellbeing of people at work, even in the most demanding environments.

HighSit: HighSit bench enables workers to vary their postures throughout the day with simple transitions between being seated and standing. The elevated position of HighSit allows for more natural eye-to-eye interactions.

Desk Height: Navi TeamIsland is available in standing and traditional desk heights, with a range of planning and leg options.

Foot Platform: The raised, carpeted foot platform provides additional ergonomic support and comfort, allowing for the same feel as being in a seated desk-height position.

Navi’s footprint is designed to maximize worker density and quickly flex to accommodate growth, using a “base and extension” design approach.



Frame Laminate, Paint (Neutral, Accents)
Upholstery Omni-R, Buzz, Cogent Connect


Lead Time

10-12 weeks


Desk Height: Freestanding Desk, Dual-sided Bench, Dual-sided Extension, Trapezoid Bench

Highsit: Freestanding Desk, Single-sided Bench, Dual-sided Bench, Dual-sided Extension

Leg Options: Tube Leg, Storage Leg, C-Leg (desk-height only)

End of Run: Collaboration (Round), Collaboration (Trapezoid), End Counter

Accessories: Screens, Podiums, Cable Management

Flip Up: Navi TeamIsland offers easy access to technology support with integrated solutions. The door’s friction hinge can be used to dock mobile technology for hands-free video, while small items can be stored neatly on the back of the door.

Storage Leg/Bag Drop: The storage leg gives workers the ability to store and secure their personal items, creating a sense of permanence and privacy. The top of the storage leg doubles as a ‘bag drop,’ giving workers easy and convenient access to their bag.

Personal Drawer: Every Navi TeamIsland with storage leg includes a personal drawer that keeps personal items within easy reach.

Efficient Collaboration: Collaborative tops at the end of Navi TeamIsland create efficient, close-proximity collaboration spaces for teams, managers and project leaders. Integrated technology support provides quick and efficient digital content sharing.

Podium: Navi TeamIsland’s unique podium supports two-person, impromptu collaboration by creating a convenient perch for quick conversations or a touchdown space during shift changes. It also creates a lightweight boundary and provides storage for bags and personal items in dense environments.