Hot Box 2

For a seamless agile workplace, your people have to move quickly and easily around the space. If people cannot take their work tools with them from their locker to any chosen workspace, they are simply unable to become the agile workers they aspire to be. With Hotbox, the agile workplace flows. Hotbox is the vital link in the chain, without which the agile workplace will just not operate.

The second product in the Hotbox family is Hotbox 2. Hotbox 2 encompasses everything we stand for: agility, style and individuality. Available with tactile fabric covers, Nexus or Camira Blazer, and in colours to reflect your personality, the easily portable Hotbox 2 makes intuitive use of space. Not only does it include an integrated whiteboard, you can also store everything from your laptop, iPad, stationery, photographs, even the tiny cactus you have gradually bonded with.

Hotbox 2’s endless storage possibilities means it contains everything you need to work in different destinations with zero fuss.

With Hotbox 2, it has never been easier to work in different spaces. Its original design offers unlimited storage options; Hotbox 2 organises your workspace for you so you can focus on your day.

What it offers:

–    Central whiteboard

–    Space for photos

–    Becomes a privacy screen when on desk

Colour Scheme:

Fabric by Camira: Blazer, Nexus, Sonus.


Accessories for Hot Box 2:
- Pencil case
- Laptop sleeve


- Centre divider can be used to make notes using a dry wipe pen or stick sticky notes on
- Large rear compartment for laptops and files
- Soft grip handle
- Accessories with a slide on photo frame
- Optional shoulder strap
- Cover folds over into a protective mat
- Tablet / phone stand
- Comes with 2 x utility pots


Hot Box