Waffle Pendant Downlit

Medium (23" / 580mm) Large (29.5" / 750mm) Extra Large A (45.3" / 1150mm) Extra Large B (45.3" / 1150mm)

Colour: available in 50 color options

Combining a suspended acoustic baffle with a high-performance dimmable LED light, Waffle Pendant Downlit sorts light and sound. Built with highly-effective sound-absorbing materials, the hard-working acoustic pendants suit any commercial interior.

Make Waffle Downlit your own by choosing from 2 playful patterns, 4 sizes, and 50 premium wool colors. Or create unique ceiling clusters, overlapping Waffle Downlit with Waffle Uplit or Waffle Acoustic Discs.

Waffle Discs are a logical way to put sound on the agenda in any open space. The colorful acoustic disc pendants are ideal for modern, collaborative spaces. Combining both a suspended acoustic baffle and a LED downlight to illuminate a space, the hard-working acoustic discs offer highly effective sound absorption and illumination. Mix and match by design with the choice of the segmented Orange or flat-surfaced Donut patterns.


Medium (23" / 580mm)
Large (29.5" / 750mm)
Extra Large A (45.3" / 1150mm)
Large B (45.3" / 1150mm)


outer wool covered in an exciting mix of solids and melanges across the full-color spectrum, the pendant is crafted from textural and vibrant quality wool fabrics that are sustainably made, rapidly renewable and biodegradable


Additional options available upon request:
0.1% dimming option
Bluetooth controller (US & EU only)
Tunable White output
White canopy and power cord


Highly effective sound absorption
Available in 2 patterns, 3 sizes and 50 colors
Acoustic materials are 100% recyclable and manufactured from recycled content
Classic pure wool upholstery fabric
Class A fire rating
Non-metallic dyestuffs
L70 lifetime rating of 50,000 hours