Mobile Elements – Support Collaboration, Pin Board, Media Mount, Flip Chart, Catering

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Mobile Elements is a family of mobile and multi-purpose tools. They support every collaboration situation. All of the Mobile Elements offer easy and direct access to power, space for storing material, food, drink and other stationery


Support Collaboration
Mobile Elements help make space work smarter and harder by turning in-between, cafe and meeting spaces into collaboration and conferencing settings. Simply roll in the user-friendly elements you need to deliver presentations digitally or on paper, engage a team or audience and to serve food and drinks.

Pin Board
The Pin-Board makes collaboration easy by making intensive use of vertical surfaces display and rearranging paper or digital information. It also helps the shaping of space, by providing a partition to instantly divide a larger space.
- Felt surface for pinning paper work
- Easy-roll casters for excellent mobility

Media Mount
For display of digital information, the mobile Media-Mount makes a flat screen display mobile and integrates power at the user level.
- Power controls at the user level
- Storage space in the base for triple power outlet unit and connecting cable
- Easy-roll casters for excellent mobility

Flip Chart
Display printed and written information — and write on the fly —with this convenient flip chart. It is user-adjustable with hooks to accommodate different size pads and height-adjustable to user preference.
- Adjustable hook-in points for Flip-Chart pads (range 375 – 525mm)
- Height adjustable 1780-2080mm
- Tear-off edge
- Easy-roll casters for excellent mobility

Roll in the Catering element to provide and serve drinks and food whenever and wherever you need in your working space.
- Lockable casters for stability
- Easy-roll casters for excellent mobility



Weight Rating:

120degree Corner


Up to 98% recyclable by weight
100% recyclable cardboard and LDPE film for packaging
42% recycled content by weight
90% recycled cardboard
30% recycled LDPE film (Low Density Polyethylene) in packaging