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  • Tambour cabinets are ideal for office storage needs. Featuring retractable doors and adjustable shelf heights they will allow you to store a variety of office goods.

  • Reimagining lockers beyond storage, WorkValet™ is a blueprint for organizations adopting flexible hybrid strategies. This innovative storage platform enables organizations to create new experiences to welcome employees returning to the office in a post-pandemic world. Smart Lock, Smart Locker Blueprint for Campuses | Managing Scale Network locks provide an automated…

  • As communal and shared workplaces are becoming the new norm in the working environments and with more open floor plans presenting themselves lockers have never had a more integral part to play. Besides providing storage they can become breakout walls and separate zones where people can gather. 1 Door Locker…

  • Steelco Laminate LockersSteelco Laminate Lockers

    Laminate Locker range is designed to be of superior quality and workmanship. With quality lock options and serviceable seating arrangements available, you can brighten up your tired staff areas with classy colours and designs. Lockers custom designed to suit your premises and design ideas, with all the latest upgrades: media…

  • Steelco ABS Plastic LockersSteelco ABS Plastic Lockers

    Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), the STEELCO ABS Plastic Lockers are both sturdy and strong, tested to withstand a 1000kg force. The lockers are water resistant, making them the perfect addition to swimming pools and gym areas.

  • Steelco HD Plastic LockersSteelco HD Plastic Lockers

    These durable lockers bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘heavy duty’. This quality plastic lockers range has endless applications as it is suited to any environment. Coming with a 20 year warranty period allows you to relax in knowing that if treated properly, the lockers truely are built…

  • Steelco Heavy Duty School LockersSteelco Heavy Duty School Lockers

    School Lockers have been designed with double thick doors to withstand rigorous use, making them ideal for high usage areas such as schools. A variety of door configurations are available.

  • Steelco LockersSteelco Lockers

    Steelco Lockers are designed to securely store personal items of varying sizes. Each locker can function as a stand alone unit or can be banked together as a bay of units. Lockers are available in various heights, widths and configurations.

  • Agile workplaces have become commonplace and most utilise a large number of lockers as the storage solution for staff members’ workplace tools and personal belongings. Basic mechanical locks & pin-pads provide basic security but lack the features of contactless systems. More sophisticated hardwired electronic access systems are complicated and expensive.…