Steelcase – ESG Commitments

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Overview

Steelcase believe that together we’ll help build a healthy planet, healthy people and a healthy culture. Together, we’ll unlock human promise for the next generation. ​

This year, Steelcase set a new foundation of goals that reflect their approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities.​

Healthy Planet

  • Climate Change
  • Circular Economy + Product End of Use
  • Sustainable Product Design​
  • Consumer Health + Wellbeing

> Environmental Commitments

Healthy People

  • Social Innovation​
  • Diversity, Equity + Inclusion​
  • Learning + the Future of Work​
  • Wellbeing​

> Social Commitments

Healthy Culture

  • Empowered, Distributed Decision-Making​
  • Leaders + Teams​
  • Culture of Trust + Integrity​
  • Responsible Procurement Practices​

> Governance Commitments

For more information on their ESG Commitments, Values and Awards see: ESG Overview

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