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  • The Belly lounge chair features a refined aesthetics, combining generosity and functionality. The rounded design of the backrest highlights a softness with an embedded steel frame creating a unique curve. High resiliency foam and all-round support for the waist and hips creates a highly comfortable seating experience.

  • Sketch chair is inspired by the designer’s hand-painted, neat and spiritual, but not messy wiring. The name Sketch is the best interpretation of it. Put the beauty of lines from the two-dimensional plane into the three-dimensional space, and present the fun of the plane in the form of furniture to…

  • Instead of added with sophisticated design elements, the Sheep Chair retains the most original shape of a chair featuring unmatched endurability and practicability.‎ The simple design makes the chair a perfect match to the ambience of any scenario.‎ Both at home and in offices, the warm log style and minimalist design will…