Thinking Works

Butterfly Screen

1200-1800 x 300-600mm

Colour: available in 25 color options

Butterfly offers privacy solutions for flexible desk arrangements, available in both fabric upholstered and acoustic PET options.

With its advanced folding mechanism and retention system, this innovative product enables discreet screen storage without compromising functionality in dynamic workspaces.

A modular, agile screen designed for use with our folding tables.

Available in a range of sizes and finishes.

Butterfly Screens are designed to be disassembled at the end of the product life for recycling.


Upholstered - Woven Image Global Woven Image’s GLOBAL fabric range can be upholstered without the need of PU foam backing whilst using 97% less adhesives than similar traditionally made screens. As a result, Butterfly screens can be made to a shorter production time. GLOBAL is available in range of 25 colours and is low VOC certified.


1. 24mm PET Screen Panel
The Butterfly screen panel is available in dark grey, light grey
or customer specfied PET 24mm PET acoustic panel.
2. Folding Screen Mounts
The Butterfly screen system features our innovative selflocking mechanism that ensures the screen remains securely
upright, eliminating the risk of the screen accidentally falling
forward. Unlocking is simple - just press the push button
located at the back of the worktop edge, and effortlessly
collapse the Butterfly screen flat against the worktop
3. Stretch Loops
The Butterfly screen is designed with user-friendly stretch
loops that make securing it against the folding table
worktop a breeze. The stretch loops are conveniently hidden
underneath the worktop while the screen is in use. When it’s
time to fold the screen, simply rotate the stretch loops around
and fasten them securely by pulling them over the toggles
attached to the Butterfly screen.