We aim to change people’s perception on what a writing board is. In line with this ambition we have partnered with Swedish designers Matti Klenell and Christian Halleröd to develop Bloc, a series of softly rounded wall panels that combines different materials and functions. Bloc is a magnetic glass writing board with textile sides, a solid cork noticeboard, a textile sound absorber or an oak/glass news stand. The 600×600 mm series is available in eight monochrome glass/textile combinations.


Colour Scheme:

Refer to the Spec Sheet.


Choose from
Bloc Glass: Glass board, textile side;
Bloc Cork: Solid cork notice boards;
Bloc Textile: Sound absorber, textile
Bloc News: Oak/glass news stand
Bloc Frame: Glass board, bentwood frame


Magnetic glass boards
Depth from wall 50 mm
10 standard colour combinations
Tempered, low iron glass
48 mm sound absorbent filling


Christian Halleröd & Matti Klenell