10-12 weeks
Please refer to The Steelcase Diversal - Specification Guide

Colour: For Finishes please refer to The Steelcase Diversal Brochure.

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Diversal was created to address the growing need for flexibility in our region – both in the way companies operate, and in how people work and collaborate.
This modular beam-based system allows for endless possibilities, as its scale and layout can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing business needs and a diverse range of working styles. Designed to encourage collaboration and promote free flow information exchange, Diversal provides a robust yet dynamic foundation for an innovative work environment.

With a system that includes in-line, 90 and 120 degree junctions, Diversal is designed to offer a wide range of settings to accommodate diverse needs and facilitate innovative work culture.

In addition to the wide range of color choices, Diversal is available in both fabric, for softer finishes, or metal, for a trim modern look and feel, to fit with your team or business.

With a slender beam only 76mm in width, Diversal is discreet, lightweight and designed to maximise any space, providing an intimate yet spacious environment for users to settle in or circulate around.

Diversal’s robust power and data system is seamlessly integrated for easy access and maintenance. Dual cable way allows segregation of power and data cables.

Works perfectly in connection with Steelcase Flex Height Adjustable Desk.


For modifications please refer to The Diversal Brochure and The Steelcase Diversal Specification Guide


System that includes in-line, 90 and 120 degree junctions
Slender beam only 76mm