With inspiration drawn from the tradition of Italian tailoring, as well as the beauty and strength of tailored suits, Sarto brings structural quality and thoughtful detail into the work environment.

Soft, tactile materials are stitched together, in a frameless design, bound by intricate accent stitching, creating a product that challenges the established expression of screen design.

A range of colors, materials, finishes and textures can contribute to the appeal of an inviting workplace. Sarto Bespoke is a fabric-upholstered screen that is available in wide selection of textile choices, bringing beautiful texture to the workplace. Nine curated duotone pairings offer unique custom looks.

By applying a horizontal pressing technique directly onto PET material, we created Sarto Raw. With a minimal, clean, crisp debossed pattern, Sarto Raw adds a subtle, modern, sustainable signature to the workplace.

These soft and subtle spatial boundaries also provide tackable surfaces, allowing notes and images to be pinned. Simple accessories like name tags and marker boards are designed to offer individuals the experience of customizing and personalizing their workstations.

Sarto Dividers are movable and easy for individuals to reposition, supporting changing workplace dynamics. Adjustable user-friendly clamps secure the divider and their soft grip stabilizes the screen and protects the work surface. A built-in bag hook allows neat storage of personal belongings.

At work, we see greater demand for a more welcoming, informal environment, with lounges and a range of social settings to connect with colleagues, away from the desk. Gently framing and shielding workstations, Sarto Screens contribute to the softer material palette of the new office environment.

Work environments must be highly functional and more resilient than our home environments. Sarto screens are slim and refined in appearance, yet robust in structure, for durability in a hard working business environment.

Collaboration at work is integral to dynamic businesses – but too much interaction and a lack of privacy has taken a heavy toll on creativity, productivity, engagement and well-being. Sarto Screens address a critical need for greater privacy and focus at workstations around the open plan office.

Sarto Screens have been crafted with care. Both PET and wood can be continually recycled. PET fibre is an industrial off-cut in plentiful supply that is made of recycled plastic bottles. Its intriguing raw finish, led us to create Sarto Raw, in two looks – with and without a pressed line detail.


- Current looks
- Perfectly pressed
- Tailored accessories
- Sarto dividers