Low 720mmH x 480mm Seat Height
High 1000mmH x 750mm Seat Height

Frame: Steel

Seat: MDF | Foam

Upholstery: Available in all fabrics and leather types

The Picnic collection was born out of a clear concept: a large communal seat, a neat circular structure, a two-heights system, replete with a soft cushion, designed by Form Us With Love.

“As primal as a campfire, Picnic explores what meetings in a circle entail. The formation also means a shield from the outside, creating a barrier of focus,” John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love

The Picnic’s generosity negates the need for lots of chairs and tables in an open space and allows for tidiness throughout any environment. Picnic is grand, remarkably intriguing and has its emphasis on the kinship between those who sit in it. It is all about table and seat, and the interplay.

The piece speaks volumes in one colour but can also be enjoyed as a mixed scheme with patterns and bright additions.


Solid Oak Table


1500mmDIA Low
1800mmDIA Low
1500mmDIA High
1800mmDIA High


Form Us With Love