Oyster Low

14-16 weeks
1010mm W x 750mm D x 880mm H; 400mm SH

Frame: Frame in metal with moulded cold foam. Head rest in laminated wood with cold foam.

Upholstery: Frame in metal with moulded cold foam. Head rest in laminated wood with cold foam. The concept Offecct Selected Patterns consists of possibilities to customize selected parts of our collection. The series consist of carefully selected and exclusive patterns, which enhances the character of the product and gives the furniture a unique and exclusive expression. Each product has their unique pattern. The seams for Offecct Selected Patterns are available in 12 colors.

Base: Swivel frame in chrome with glides.

5 Year Warranty

The easy chair Oyster is designed by Michael Sodeau. Oyster is an elegant easy chair inspired by the Swedes’ love of shellfish. The name Oyster also suggests the idea of a place to escape to—somewhere that belongs to no-one else, even though it exists within a larger milieu. The design of Oyster weaves sensuality, comfort, and flexibility into a well-proportioned whole. The shape is inspired by the seductive shell of an oyster, and the curved armrests offer users a breathing space in the midst of a busy environment. The easy chair would suit many public spaces, such as a hotel lobby, where it would both be a beautiful object and provide a relaxing and comfortable seat. For someone looking for a place to work undisturbed, Oyster offers an inviting retreat. Protecting the environment is a priority for both Offecct and Michael Sodeau. The environmental perspective has been key throughout the development of Oyster, resulting in a more efficient use of materials. Despite its considerable size, the easy chair requires a relatively small amount of material in production.

“Designing a good easy chair is a challenge that calls for a well-developed ability to identify with the user. I usually think about how people will sit and move in the chair, how it will be used, and where it will be used. As a designer, you have a great environmental responsibility. In all our projects, we consider and discuss the sustainability aspect, and look for areas where we can improve. In most cases, we find something we can add or do to make the product more environmentally sustainable. For Oyster, we used a minimum of materials, worked to reduce transport costs, and thought through all aspects of the sustainability perspective”, says Michael Sodeau.


Sustainability labels:
Nordic Swan Ecolabel


Michael Sodeau