Nest Counter Height Sofa

14 -16 weeks
1370mm W x 600mm D x 940mm H / 65mm SH (seating height)

Legs: Legs in powder coated steel

Upholstery: Available in all fabrics and leather types

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The Counter Height Nest Sofa is the middle ground between the Low and High Nest series. A soft, inviting and comfortable upholstered sofa, perfectly suitable for counters, kitchen tables and lounge settings. Like the High Nest, the Counter Height Nest boldly challenges the conventions of the traditional high seating and offers the opportunity to work, meet, or eat comfortably, while still having an overview over the premises. The Counter Height Nest Sofa is specially crafted to achieve the right amount of steadiness and elegance. Like the rest of the Nest series, the Counter Height is available as a sofa, chair and round or long table.  With the different levels you can divide larger spaces into smaller units – without using High Back sofas and traditional room dividers: sound wanders horizontally and people can therefore sit next to each other – on different levels – without being affected by each other.

Designer: Form Us With Love

This Swedish studio is renown for an explorative process and is world-leading at progressing solutions for the assembly and use of everyday objects. Continuously praised for its responsible and critical approach, the studio’s mission is to deliver design applications based on a circular economy. Form Us With Love is famous for challenging typologies in the public realm, addressing the need for increased diversity of scale, introducing a systematic approach to designing extended family ranges.



Weight Rating:

25 kg (net) / 27 kg (gross)


High quality moulded foam


Tests and Certificates:
L2 Extreme Use
EN16139:2013 (Furniture - stregth, durablility and safety - Requirements for non-domestic seating)
EN1022:2005 (Domestic furniture - seating - Determination of stability)


Form Us With Love


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