Lagunitas Lounge

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Upholstery: Standard knit options: 5K58 Ivory, 5K50 Stone, 5K51 Grey, 5K59 Coal or 5K54 Black. Refer to download for further options.

Social spaces are today’s new workspaces. Working alone or together, people seek a lively place with energy and vibe. With 67 unique pieces, Lagunitas creates the ideal space for any work setting. The comprehensive seating and tables collection infuses comfort and well-being, power and storage, all into a single system.

Lagunitas welcomes creativity inside the office. As people choose how and where work happens, companies are embracing space as an extension of their culture. From configuration to materiality, the flexibility of Lagunitas is the freedom to be expressive.

A comprehensive seating and table collection, Lagunitas creates a “third place” anywhere while offering multi-modal support and varying degrees of privacy through high and low panels. The unique articulating back cushion allows for toggling between lean forward and lean back postures. The 44 pieces within the collection allow for endless configurations and the seating and tables both offer power.


1, 2 and 3-seat configurations. All lounge and chaise configurations are available right and left-handed. low or high panels


Integrated power options-seating, USB power and power modules support the lounge, chaise and bench.
Articulating back cushion handle for shifting between work modes.


Toan Nguyen