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Upholstery: Materiality by Steelcase Spring 2017 look book. Refer to Downnload.

B-Free is a range of modular furniture aimed to design multiple and easily reconfigurable settings, creating focal points where people can connect with colleagues and concentrate individually. B-Free’s linear design language allows for scalable settings, fully utilizing and enhancing in-between spaces to create powerful applications for workers to connect with colleagues and concentrate individually. Featuring ergonomic design combined with access to power and storage, B-Free supports usage for a much longer duration than traditional lounge pieces.


Occasional tables available to complete cubes applications (table stool, coffee table, corner table)
Screens available in 2 sizes
Big cubes available with or without top block (in I and L-shape)
Small cubes available with or without castors (swivel version)
Bag drop


Access to power: Convenient access to power enables users to recharge their mobile devices.
Personal storage: Designed to accommodate temporary storage for mobile workers.
Privacy: Stay connected to the team while enjoying privacy with semi-transparent screens.