Framery Q

12-14 weeks
2220mm H x 2200mm W x 1200mm D; For Framery Q Fli n'Fold Please refer to The Framery Flip n'Fold Product card

Shell: Solid walls and roof: sandwich element of birch plywood, recycled acoustic foam

Frame: White or option Formica laminate colors on birch plywood.

Colour: Interior dark grey acoustic felt. Exterior: White RAL 9016, optional colors or brushed stainless steel.


The meeting-room for 1-4 people
Framery Q office pod is a perfect place for people to have meetings, brainstorming sessions and important one-on-one conversations in private without disturbing the whole office – or the office disturbing you. Framery Q is available in four different interior layouts:

Meeting Maggie
Meeting Maggie is suitable for meetings, brainstorming and much more. Choose from three different table
options – two Maggie Sofas are always included. Meeting Maggie comes with pleasant LED lighting and three
power sockets.

Working With PAL
A high table and handy bar stools make this decor option very efficient for short-term sessions. The shape of
the desk is suitable for teamwork for two, private sessions or video and tele conferences. Working with PAL
comes with pleasant LED lighting, three power sockets and stylish coat hangers.


The Framery Q Flow is designed for uninterrupted heads-down work. It comes with an adjustable electric table that allows you to change work positions in a matter of seconds. The Flow has plenty of space inside for a chair and even for a stool, making it possible to invite your colleague in for a chat.
Get into the Flow!

Flip n’ Fold
Flip n’ Fold is one of the most convenient and flexible interior alternatives for the Framery Q. Low
doorstep, automatic door opener, folding chairs and table enable many different meeting arrangements
and easy access with a wheelchair.


  • Pods O and Q are now available on wheels.
  • Copper-plated door handle and cover available for O, Q and 2Q
  • Anti-microbial, waterproof, bleach cleanable, stain resistant and durable polyester fabric available for O: stool, Q: Maggie sofas, 2Q:Lounge sofa.
  • Anti-microbial protection is permanently attached to the textile: it attracts, pierces, deactivates and perforates the biochemicals within each microbe or virus (tested to AATCC 147).
    Non-toxic (tested to ISO 10993-5:2009)

Design your own Framery Q with Framery Booth Configurator.  When requesting a quote please specify configured option.

Having questions – visit Framery Q&A about pods or call us.

If you need Framery Pods’ drawings – please download here.


Anti-static and stain resistant low loop pile carpet for public spaces.
Integrated tables, furniture and lights.
Electric sockets integrated underneath table top (several options available).
Electric air circulation system with occupancy sensor.
Glass: laminated sound control glass (5+5 and 6+4).


Sound control laminated glass
Integrated LED lighting and fans are operated by a motion detector.
Wireless charger
Self-closing hinges
Electromechanical code lock
Power Outlets (see product sheet)
Built in table (different heights), sofas or chairs (depending on model)
Wheelchair access, low doorstep, a wider door with an automatic door opener, folding chairs and table (Flip n'Fold model only)
Screen Bracket (optionally)
Booking System ready (optionally)
Can be plugged into a standard wall socket. The pods have their own power adaptors that provide 12 V DC to the fans and 24 V DC to the lights.
Weight 630 kg without furniture.
Total airflow is 237,6 m³/h. Minimum recommended space for the air to circulate is 5 mm on the sides and 150 mm above the pod.


Samu Hällfors