Palma Chair

14-16 weeks
610mmW x 590mmD x 810mmH Seat: 530/430mmH

Legs: Swivel in silver, black or white lacquer, alternative in OFFECCT Flexicolor.

Upholstery: Stitches are available in six different designs: Bow, Brick, Hex, Languett, Parallel and Zig. Seams are available in 12 colors: Beige, black, brown, dark blue, dark green, dark grey, grey, neon green, neon orange, orange, red and white.

5 Year Warranty

The chair Palma Meeting is designed by Khodi Feiz. Palma Meeting is a development of the Palma lounge chair. Palma Meeting is a graceful, playful chair, developed with both the conference room and the home environment in mind. Palma Meeting is inspired by the cupped palm of a hand, symbolically cradling the body that sits in it. The chair’s elegant form is captured in the seat, backrest and armrests as a single graceful movement. With its frame of molded birch veneer and seamless upholstery, Palma features an extremely elegant design. Above all, Khodi Feiz and Offecct have endeavored to develop a chair with a long lifespan. It must be able to withstand wear and remain appealing to the eye. The chair is clearly informal. Feiz would like to see it used in the home as well as in a professional conference room. “Palma is a chair to investigate and enjoy. When a child crawls up into the chair, it’s entirely different from when an adult gets into it. Children throw their feet up and cling to it in a way we adults do not”, says designer Khodi Feiz.


White castors.


5 Way swivel frame with castors in chrome alt. Tiltable frame with adjustable height in white
texture lacquer with white castors.


Khodi Feiz