Cubb Wood Legs Chair

10-12 weeks
470mm (Cubb 01)/535mm (Cubb 02)/530mm (Cubb 03) W x 460mm D x 830mm H; Seat Height 470mm Seat Depth 410 mm

Arms: Wired Arms OR Upholsteerd Arms. Wired Arms always to match hassiss Colour.

Legs: Oak (Natural)/ Oak stained to Wallnut/ Oak stained to Pearl/ Oak stained to Black/ Dark Distressed Oak. Please refer to the Cubb Product datacard and specify in your quote request.

Frame: Chassis: please refer to the Cubb Product datacard and specify in your quote request.

Upholstery: Wide choice of upholstery options, including a piping detail, two tone, and quilted seats. Please refer to the Orangebox Standard Fabric and Leather Upholstery and Colour cards

5 years
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Cubb is a succinct range of chairs, stools and tables: a new synthesis of design, function, materials, attitude, manufacturing intelligence and sustainability. Cubb results from the belief that great design comes from making the complex simple, with spontaneity emerging from rigour and precision.

Cubb’s singularity of form creates an elemental chair with a clear personality, delivering robust functionality for any environment. Its innovative contemporary aesthetic extends over seven design typologies, making it suitable for specification through multiple applications in both hospitality and office environments.

The combination of Cubb’s sleek profile and contemporary efficiency offers a rich palette of functions, materials, finishes, bases and upholstery style, giving designers and specifiers a wide range of options to match client needs and project aesthetics.

Design resources:  find Revit and Sketchup images here


The Cubb family consists of 16 models. Please refer to The Cubb Product Datacard for more information.
Wood Legs Chairs are:
Cubb 01 - Upholstered Chair no Arms,
Cubb 02 - Upholstered Chair with Upholstered Arms ,
Cubb 03 - Upholstered Chair with Wire Arms.
Please specify the model in your quote request.


Intertek Sustainability Clean Air Certification