The HÅG Futu combines compact looks with high-precision engineering. It’s ideal if you lack space, yet require an effective task chair. All technical parts are integrated into its shape, making it more streamlined. This helps it easily blend in with its surroundings.

The HÅG Futu 1200 has a solid backrest, adding extra support and warmth. The adjustable lumbar support is integrated into the back. It features our latest HÅG inBalance® movement mechanism, which keeps you in continuous balanced movement. Our uniquely designed FutuKnit™ fabrics are made from the finest quality polyester knit and come in seven appealing colours – used on the backrest front. Standard or Extended fabric on seat. Height and width-adjustable armrests are optional.


Steel 38%, Plastics 35%, Aluminium 20%, PUR 5%, Textiles: 2%. Total weight of product 18,0 kg (with armrests). Share of recyclable material: 95%.


HÅG Futu 1100 Mesh
HÅG Futu 1200 (with arms)
HÅG Futu 1102 (four legs)
HÅG Futu 1070 (sled legs)


With our signature HÅG in Balance® technology, made to ensure more natural movement as part of your everyday workflow.
Because of its streamlined dimensions, it seamlessly blends into any working environment.
User-friendly and well suited for multi-user office environments.
Adjustable seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, tilt resistance/HÅG in Balance®, lockable tilt, armrest height and armrest width. (The HÅG Futu Communication models do not include adjustable tilt resistance and the tilt locking function.)
Choose among seven beautiful matching textile and mesh colours.


Marianne Støren Berg/KODE Design, Leif Isachsen/KODE Design and Halogen, Aleksander Borgenhov/PowerDesign, Flokk Design Team