Steelcase Karman™ Chair

Arms: Fully adjustable 4D arm

Colour: 13 proprietary Intermix colors and Lux finishes

Seat Upholstery: Intermix

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Steelcase Karman™ delivers industry-leading comfort, ergonomics and sustainability in an entirely new way.

Beyond Comfort. Beyond Mesh.

Steelcase Karman goes beyond leading mesh chairs with 21st century design that naturally responds to a body’s movement, delivering industry-leading comfort, ergonomics and sustainability.

Breakthrough Comfort

Steelcase Karman’s patented hybrid seat is unlike any other. The suspension seat with integrated cushioning provides maximum comfort for as long as you sit. The ultra-light frame flexes to eliminate painful pressure points common in other mesh chairs.

Comfort Features

ORGANIC MOVEMENT A weight-activated mechanism responds automatically to your body as you sit and change postures in every direction.
PATENTED HYBRID SEA The suspension seat with integrated cushioning provides maximum comfort for as long as you sit.
COMFORT EDGE The ultra-light frame flexes to eliminate hard edges and pressure points on your legs and body.
4D ARM Fully adjustable armrests raise up and down, pivot in and out and shift in all directions. letting your arms and shoulders fall naturally into place.
LIVEBACK LiveBack technology balances body weight, supporting your back and spine while providing responsive, personalised comfort and fit.
The comfort dial supports four recline positions, letting you dial in the right level of resistance against your back as you recline.
LUMBAR SUPPORT Optional lumbar support allows you to customise the support for your lumbar region.

Unique Color Combinations

Go beyond black, white and gray to create styles from monochromatic modern, residential luxury or anything in-between. Steelcase Karman’s industry-leading color range, with 13 proprietary Intermix colors and Lux finishes, make infinite aesthetic options possible.


Intermix is a proprietary performance textile that is exclusive for Steelcase Karman, and central to its performance, comfort, and aesthetic. The exclusive weave creates a selection of translucent, opaque, and all-new color shifting textiles.


Designed with the planet in mind, Steelcase Karman uses sustainable materials and the least number of components necessary. It weighs only 29 pounds, yet is incredibly strong. By using minimal resources Steelcase Karman reduces its impact on the earth delivering a holistic approach to sustainability while supporting our carbon commitments.



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