Thinking Works Table

3-6 weeks
600 Foot 600-900mmx1200-2700mmx695-715mm (to underside of worktop)800 Foot 900-1300mmx1200-2700mmx695-715mm (to underside of worktop)Multi-leg 1400-2100mmxminimum 1400mm, maximum unlimited (depending on number of legs)x695-715mm (to underside of worktop)4 Star 1050-1300mmDIAx695-715mm (to underside of worktop)5 Star 750-1000mmDIAx695-715mm (to underside of worktop)4 Star Multi-leg 1400-2100mmDIAx695-715mm (to underside of worktop)

Legs: Black Texture

Colour: Polished Aluminium Feet

Top: Laminate, Veneer

Base: 600 foot, 800 foot, Multi-leg, Four star, Five star, Four Star Multi-leg

10 years
SKU: 8f4e61747206 Categories: , , is a totally flexible and versatile table base that provides a complete family of product options for the commercial environment. provides options such as a tilt-top stacking table ( Turn). By adding frame spacers, legs and feet, the possibilities with are endless, accommodating desks and tables with a variety of top widths to infinite length.


Chrome Leg with Polished Aluminium Feet
Special Powdercoat Colour Base with Polished Aluminium Feet
Special Powdercoat Colour Base including Powdercoated Feet