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u.r Table

3-6 weeks
600 Foot 600-900mmx1200-2700mm
800 Foot 800-1300mmx1200-2700mm
Single Row Multi-leg 950-1300mmx1800-6900mm
Boat shape: 1400centre, 600ends-2100centre, 1200endsx1800-6900mm
Multi-leg 1150-2100mmx1200-11100mm
5 Star/5 Star 50mm: Castors Square 700-750mm, Round 700-1000mmDIA
5 Star Gas Lift 50mm: Castors/5 Star Gas Lift, Square 700-750mm, Round 700-800mmDIA
4 Star/4 Star Castors: Square 750-1000mm, Round 900-1300mmDIA
Multi-leg 4 Star: Square 1050mm, Round 1400-2100mmDIA

Legs: Chrome

Frame: Black Texture

Colour: Polished Aluminium Feet

Top: Laminate, Veneer

Base: 600 foot, 800 foot, Single row multi leg, Boat shape, Multi-leg, Five star, Five star 50mm castors, Five star gas lift 50mm castors, Five star gas lift, Four star, Four star castors, Multi Four star

10 years
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u.r. is an environmentally considered table system that is highly flexible and versatile. u.r provides a complete “family” of table product options allowing continuity of design throughout any commercial environment.


Special Powdercoat Colour Base with Polished Aluminium Feet
Special Powdercoat Colour Base including Powdercoated Feet