Steelcase Environmental Information


At Steelcase, we believe that together we’ll help build a healthy planet, healthy people and a healthy culture. Together, we’ll unlock human promise for the next generation.

We are delivering on our mission by:

  • Designing products and solutions to benefit people
  • Consulting with our customers to help meet their own sustainability goals
  • Furthering the science and practice of sustainability through collaboration and cooperation with key partners
  • Operating in a socially responsible way
  • Collaborating with and increasing expectations of our supply chain partners
  • Reporting of global metrics to demonstrate progress and guide
    our focus for improvement
  • Designs that use a minimum of materials and minimising waste during manufacturing,
  • Reducing carton sizes and delivery distances

Careful measurement is key to managing impact. We’re committed to measuring and reporting on our progress in a transparent and authentic way.


  • 100% renewable energy
  • $4.5 million donated
  • 46% reduction in waste since 2010
  • 17, 286 tons of material recycled globally
  • 50+ Cradle to Cradle™M certified products
  • 18.7 million gallon reduction in water usage
  • 12,130 volunteer hours reported by Steelcase employees
  • 70% of all furniture handled by Steelcase Eco’Services
    was sent to certified recyclers. The remainder was
    charitably donated or resold.
  • 100% perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign
    Foundation Corporate Equality Index

Every day, in every decision, we work hard to deliver on our purpose and create real world results. We share these results in an authentic and transparent way in our annual Corporate Sustainability Report.

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