Flex Height Adjustable Desk

10-12 weeks
Height Adjustable Range: 575mm – 1,237mm Depths: 600mm, 700mm, 750mm, 800mm Widths: 1200mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1800mm
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The Steelcase Flex Collection empowers teams to create spaces that can be rearranged on demand, creating environments teams and individuals need to do their best work. Learn more about Steelcase Flex and how it creates dynamic team neighborhoods for high-performing, collaborative teams.

Everything you’d expect from a height-adjustable desk, plus it’s designed to move as quickly as you do. It’s stable, yet mobile. Push them together for collaborative work, or move it to a quiet nook for focus time. Designed for mobility and function, the height-adjustable desk comes with integrated rollers that allow for movement, one-cord-out integrated power that hosts up to seven plugs, and user adjustable curved screens that can be configured by anyone for both privacy and modesty. For more flexible workplace arrangements combine Flex with Steelcase Diversal Modular Beam-Based System.


Directional rollers

Height Range:

Extended Height: 574 - 1237mm (Meets BIFMA G1)
Basic Height: 701- 1191mm


- Directional rollers
- One-cord-out
- Wellbeing
- Desktop power
- Cord options
- Active touch with rise app




Integrated desktop power, one-cord-out hosting up to 7 plugs