Coimbra Bar Stool

4-6 weeks

Colour: Available in Black, Blue, Olive Green and White

1 year warranty

Introducing the Coimbra Aluminium Bar Stool, a harmonious blend of sturdiness and contemporary finesse. This bar stool features a durable powder-coated aluminium frame, which is accentuated by a sleek and polished finish, imparting a sense of modern sophistication. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle and reposition as needed.

The Coimbra Aluminium Bar Stool boasts a vertical slat design that adds an element of elegance to its structure, making it the perfect piece to enhance the ambiance of bars, restaurants, or outdoor lounges.

With a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 150kg, the Coimbra Aluminium Bar Stool is robust and designed to comfortably seat a wide range of patrons. Moreover, its versatile nature makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor commercial environments.

One of the convenient features of the Coimbra Aluminium Bar Stool is its stackability. This is particularly beneficial for venues that need to maximize space or reorganize seating arrangements frequently.

The stool is available in a selection of classic colors, including Black, Blue, Olive Green, and White, offering a variety of choices to complement different interior and exterior styles.


1010mm H x 520mm W x 575mm D – SH 750mm


Powder coated aluminium frame
Lightweight | Sleek, sophisticated polished finish
1 year warranty
SWL: 150kg
Suitable for indoor & outdoor commercial application