Soto Organisation Boxes

Letter, Diagonal File & Pile Boxes, Tool, Utility & Storage Boxes, Personal Boxes

An organised office increases efficiency and boosts employee morale. SOTO promotes and maintains organisation, meeting the diverse needs of workers.


Letter, Diagonal File & Pile Boxes
- Work individually or stack horizontally.
- Ensures easy access to important letter-size paper or files
- Store letter-size binders, magazines and other reference materials for easy access during the work day.
- Store letter-size paper or files.
- Used individually, stacked horizontally or crisscrossed to maximize use of available space.

Tool, Utility & Storage Boxes
- Manage a clutter-free workspace.
- Keep items separate with the translucent, removable tool box insert.
- Keep pens, pencils and other small items within arm’s reach.
- Can be used individually or stacked horizontally in the workspace.
- A set of three, which interlock when stacked horizontally.
- Keys, phones and other belongings are easily visible inside the stacked boxes.

Personal Boxes
- Simplify workspace organization.
- Fitting on the 3", 6" or 10" shelves, the boxes may also be used freestanding on any worksurface.