6.8" / 174mm 11.4" / 290mm 22.8" / 580mm 34.2"' / 870mm

Colour: available in 50 color options

Linea is an award-winning all-in-one acoustic baffle and linear lighting system for large open spaces. Boasting superior noise-absorbing properties, class-leading LED performance, innovative technology, and a comprehensive suite of options for design flexibility. The modular fixture can be used independently or in long continuous runs across expansive environments. Alternate lit and baffle Lineas for a cohesive lighting and acoustic solution.

Linea is a Declare-listed fixture available in a range of lengths, heights, finishes and colors. Suitable for offices, boardrooms, cafes and classrooms.


6.8" / 174mm
11.4" / 290mm
22.8" / 580mm
34.2"' / 870mm


99% recyclable materials 100% wool


Highly effective noise absorption
Available in multiple lengths, 4 heights and many colors
4 available finishes, Basica (flat), Ranura (ribbed), Terrain (textured), Wool
High performance dimmable LED light sources - direct and/or indirect wash
Multiple shielding options available
UGR <5 on direct louvered output
Unique plug and play power connector allows for install of canopy and power before lighting fixture, only one power feed needed per pendant
Simple connector for easy on-site install of multiple lengths
Easy cassette style driver servicing factory programmable drivers post install
IES photometric files / POE available upon request
Height adjustable 9' / 3m suspension cables and Black woven power cable