Montparnasse Easy Chair

14-16 weeks
750mmW x 820/500mmD x H 800mmH Seat: 410mmH

Frame: Frame in black lacquer.

Seat: Hanging seat in supportive weave and cold foam.

Upholstery: Upholstered in fabric and leather, top in fabric and bottom in leather, with four fixings.

5 Year Warranty

Montparnasse is an easy chair designed by the French designer Christophe Pillet. Pillet got inspired by, amongst other products, ordinary camping gear and has then added elegance and quality – which has created Montparnasse. “I have always been interested in Offecct’s philosophy and method. They are into developing alternative solutions and finding new paths instead of just following trends. This easy chair is designed with the ambition of using less material. Traditionally, easy chairs, like other furniture, are based on the idea of quantity, which is not at all updated to our contemporary time. It’s unbelievable, a shame, that quality and status is still valued in terms of size and quantity in cars, sofas, bathrooms etcetera. We developed this chair with a high-tech textile mounted on a mechanical construction, making the easy chair light, while using minimal amounts of material. It’s inspired by camping gear and military furniture. The exciting challenge has been to apply the cleverness and economical thinking of camping gear, but with the comfort and finish of high-end domestic furniture. It is about providing people with space, being light and transparent in the contemporary environment.” Christophe Pillet


Christophe Pillet