Time Table


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900mmDiameter x 730mmH

Colour: Black

The Time Table, for home and beyond. Distinguished by a refined modesty, the timber frame and legs are crafted to slender profiles. Finely engineered connections allow the table to be shipped flat packed. The legs and rails come in solid oak and the tabletop in oak veneer, with a variety of colour finishes.


Work, Home, Life. NOMI furniture is designed to compliment the agile nature of our modern lives.


900mmDiameter x 730mmH


AMERICAN OAK Imported from America, this is perfect for any space that wants to introduce the beauty of natural timber. LAMINATE Regular laminates are laminate sheets that have a thickness ranging from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm. This is used for a cost-effective offering for tabletops. AMERICAN OAK VENEER American Oak Veneer is laminated into a plywood core. This can be exposed or edged. TEXTURED LAMINATE Textured laminates are designer laminates that are distinguished from other laminate designs based on their surface finish. They are usually preferred by people wanting a subtle and classy look for their surroundings.


Designed by Tomek Archer