Base Focus Desk and Seating

4 - 5 weeks
800mm x 1700mmW x 700mm/2300mmD x 800mm/1200mmH
Work top height: 720mmH
Seat height 450mmH

Upholstery: Felt, woven or quilted fabric recommended for sound absorption

Inspired by ever so slightly brutal monolith visual language trend, a challenge was set to translate it into a soft piece of furniture with strong focus enabling function.

Sound privacy is supported by a small cavity in BASE walls, helping to absorb sound with assistance of fabric and a foam layer.

Work surface is also considered, where softer furniture linoleum provides with excellent writing comfort while further aiding sound travel restriction.

Optimised component sizes are sensitive to fabric and foam usage, minimising waste and cost.

The acoustics is also considered, where small voids within walls, further helped by the foam and fabric, assist in the sound absorption, providing not only a visual but audio privacy as well.

Custom sizes also available

Origin: NSW