Migration SE Pro Meeting Table

10-12 weeks
Basic Range: 720-1180mm
Extended Range: 650-1250mm
Depth: 900mm
Width: 1800, 1200mm

Legs: Round or rectangular profile

Colour: Frame colours as per brochure

Top: Rectangular | Pill | Bullet | Hexagon


Optimised for the group setting: quick power access is available centrally on a plate on top of the worktop, and the worktop integrated height controls are located at the center of the table, visible and within reach for all users. Multiple top shapes are available on this table to accommodate for different applications and spaces.

  • Supports well-being by allowing teams to adjust between seating or standing mode in throughout their collaborative sessions.
  • Internal motors with electronic synchronisation
  • Height-adjustable base adjusts from 720– 1180mm (basic), 650–1250mm (extended).
  • Push buttons up/down and pre-sets controller adjusts height at the rate 30mm per second (basic) and 38mm per second (extended). All SE Pro Meeting Tables come with default Gyroscope Sensor.
  • Worktop integrated controller keeps adjustment within easy reach of the user. Up/down and Preset controller options available for selection.
  • “One cable out” cable management system leaves a clean and uncluttered environment underneath the table for collaborative environments.


Model range:
- Migration SE Pro Desk
- Migration SE Pro Single Sided Bench (Egress)
- Migration SE Pro Dual Sided Bench
- Migration SE Pro Meeting Table

Edge options:
- Straight edge
- Chamfered edge

Controller options:
- 4 Preset user interface
- Up/Down controller
- Simple integrated controller
- Double simple integrated controller
- 3 preset integrated controller

Cable management:
- One cable out system