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u.r. is an environmentally considered table system that is highly flexible and versatile. u.r provides a complete “family” of table product options allowing continuity of design throughout any commercial environment.



Legs Chrome
Frame Black Texture
Colour Polished Aluminium Feet
Top Laminate, Veneer
Base 600 foot, 800 foot, Single row multi leg, Boat shape, Multi-leg, Five star, Five star 50mm castors, Five star gas lift 50mm castors, Five star gas lift, Four star, Four star castors, Multi Four star


600 Foot 600-900mmx1200-2700mm
800 Foot 800-1300mmx1200-2700mm
Single Row Multi-leg 950-1300mmx1800-6900mm
Boat shape: 1400centre, 600ends-2100centre, 1200endsx1800-6900mm
Multi-leg 1150-2100mmx1200-11100mm
5 Star/5 Star 50mm: Castors Square 700-750mm, Round 700-1000mmDIA
5 Star Gas Lift 50mm: Castors/5 Star Gas Lift, Square 700-750mm, Round 700-800mmDIA
4 Star/4 Star Castors: Square 750-1000mm, Round 900-1300mmDIA
Multi-leg 4 Star: Square 1050mm, Round 1400-2100mmDIA

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3-6 weeks


Special Powdercoat Colour Base with Polished Aluminium Feet
Special Powdercoat Colour Base including Powdercoated Feet




10 years