Soundwave® Pix Acoustic Panel

14-16 weeks
290mm W x 290mm H x 60mmD (thickness) or 290mm W x 146mm H x 60mmD (thickness)

Colour: Recyclable moulded polyester fibre upholstered in Europost from Gabriel.

5 years
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The sound absorbing panel Soundwave® Pix is designed by the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. Soundwave® Pix provides architects with the possibility to create unique rooms by offering the option to combine colors and forms in different ways. Soundwave® Pix complements the sound absorbing function with the potential of esthetic variation in terms of the color and form options.

The design of Pix in itself is a reminder of keys on a keyboard, and radiates a sense of recognition that also surprises.

”Soundwave® Pix offer architects the possibility to combine many different parts that together creates an entirety and I look forward to seeing architects and interior designers throughout the world use Pix to create innovative interiors”, says Jean-Marie Massaud.

Pix is designed to be used as lightweight sound absorbers in the upper frequency range (150 Hz-500 Hz). The panels help reduce disturbing reflections of environmental sounds such as voices, telephones etc.

Colour Scheme:

Anthracite, Grey or Offwhite


Environmental labels:


Jean-Marie Massaud