Soundwave® Swell Diffuser Acoustic Panel

14-16 weeks
585mm W x 585mm H x 80mmD (thickness)

Colour: Soundwave Swell Diffuser is made of 100% PET and is available in semi-transparent white. Or in Europost from Gabriel.

5 years
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Soundwave® Scrunch is designed by Teppo Asikainen. The inspiration for the pattern of Scrunch comes from a creased paper.

Sound and acoustics are two of the most important and most overlooked factors when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for interaction in areas where people communicate and socialize. The combination of form and function in Soundwave® does not only give the panels a great appearance, but also serves the function of absorbing and reflecting sound.

Scrunch is a lightweight sound absorber in the upper frequency range (500 Hz and above). These panels help reduce disturbing reflections of environmental noise such as voices, telephones etc.

Colour Scheme:

Anthracite, Grey or Offwhite


Seperate filling made of recycled textile and PET. Basfill is being placed inside the Soundwave panels in order to improve sound absorption in the lower frequency range (150-500 Hz). Basfill is available as accessories to all panels except for Luna and Pix.


Teppo Asikainen