Wedge ThoughtBoard Slim

The narrow ThoughtBoard Slim is a quiet achiever with loud results. The narrow writing surface offers plenty of room for ideas, and a streak-free zero ghosting finish. A suite of magnetic accessories, including a pen hold and pen shelf, will help you organize your space in style. The ThoughtBoard Slim can also bring sound absorbency to any space with the addition of an acoustic pinboard. High-quality double castors enable easy movement on all surfaces, concealed for extra safety in open spaces.


Noise-absorbing acoustic panel that doubles as a pinboard
A pen holder, base tray, external shelf and flip chart bracket are also available


Superior quality ceramic steel writing surface
Choice of laminate backing
Use multiple ThoughtBoards to create a straight room divider
High quality lockable castors for ease of movement, concealed to remove trip hazard
Ships flat, easy to assemble, short lead times
Non-magnetic option available
All versions include internal shelf
Only GECA certified agile whiteboard on the market