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Lovoc Screen

Upholstery: Upholstered COM or Upholstered Woven Image GLOBAL , Camira Blazer, Warwick Tate

A Sustainable Screen Solution

The Lovoc Screen is a modular, sustainable workstation screen designed with the entire product lifecycle in mind.

The unique and patented manufacturing process of the Lovoc Screen provides outstanding sustainability credentials.

Every year, over 8 million tonnes of office furniture is sent to landfill. Lovoc Screens are designed and manufactured using environmentally conscious components made from 60% recycled content and materials diverted from landfill. No stitching or gluing allows for easy disassembly so that components can easily be separated and sorted into the correct recycling streams.

Woven Image’s GLOBAL Fabric range is recommended to ensure that we can upholster screens without adding PU foam backing which eliminates 97% of adhesive used in similar, traditionally made screens. GLOBAL is available in 25 colours, and is Low-VOC Certified.


- Worktop Mounted Upholstered Screen
- Worktop Rear Mounted Upholstered Screen
- Frame Rear Mounted Upholstered Screen
- Custom Available


Compatibility: Single-sided and Double-sided Workstations

Colour Scheme:

Powdercoat Aluminium Screen Mount and Extrusion: Noir or Blanc