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JumpSeat Collection

10-14 weeks
please refer to materials

Seat: Birch Plywood (Standard) or Wood Stain: Parlor Cherry, Judicial Walnut Wenge Ebony

Upholstery: Camira X2, Camira Xtreme, Momentum Coated, Spradling Coated, Ultrafabrics Coated. Customization availabe for quantities starting 30 units

Base: Silver or Black

Arm Rests: optional, standard only.

10 Years

Jumpseat Collection is a complete line of seating that can be used anywhere space is at a premium. Each version of the patented JumpSeat builds on the same baseline features. The JumpSeat’s innovative design combined with its space-saving and streamlined characteristics are perfect for the healthcare, corporate, education, retail and residential markets.

The JumpSeat Collection consists of the JumpSeat, JumpSeat 90, JumpSeat Wall, JumpSeat Emerge and the new Jumpseat WOW

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On standard JumpSeat only:
Armrests (standard only)
Movable base (standard only)


JumpSeat: The award-winning JumpSeat provides a compact seating solution for multiple environments within education, corporate and healthcare facilities. Plywood and steel create the backbone of the JumpSeat’s innovative, cantilevered structure. Folding to less than four inches thick when not in use, the compact seat allows for the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of space.

JumpSeat 90: Offers the same innovative benefits as the standard JumpSeat with the space-saving feature of the JumpSeat Wall. The JumpSeat 90 sits at 90º allowing it to be floor mounted flush to the wall, making efficient use of space in a variety of environments.

JumpSeat Wall: The innovative folding mechanism allows the seat to cantilever off the wall, making it ideal for hospital corridors, waiting rooms, and other public areas where space is at a premium. The chair is mounted 6” off the ground to allow for ease of cleaning and measures less than 4” when closed providing for maximum space saving capabilities.

JumpSeat Emerge: Create a multi-functional room by transforming an open event space into a sleek JumpSeat auditorium in a matter of minutes. This engineered system can be installed in under 14” of total height, making it a unique choice to incorporate in any building elevation plan.

JumpSeat WOW: It’s time to get creative. The award-winning JumpSeat Collection is now available with direct custom printing. Add high-resolution graphics to any JumpSeat model and truly customize your space with this innovative and space-saving product line.


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JumpSeat®, JumpSeat® 90, JumpSeat® Wall, JumpSeat® Emerge, JumpSeat® WOW