Edvi Mobile Storage

10-12 weeks
Box + File Height: 530mmH x 330mmW x 500mmD

Colour: Neutrals, Accent, Lux

Edvi is personal office storage reimagined. From its curve wrap shell that creates a striking silhouette, to its castors and cushion top, Edvi is designed to bring color and performance to any workspace and offer a new coherence element for designers.

Design harmony: Edvi encourages creativity and color harmony. Its unique aesthetics and broad finish range blend harmonically with our benching portfolio.

Match it with a cushion top: The curved cushion top magnetically envelops the pedestal with a strong grip to visually enhance Edvi while adding extra seating space. The cushion top is offered in over 100 different colors in 6 different fabrics creating a variety of customized color combinations.

Seating companion: We imagine Edvi to be an active companion for you. Move it to the side to invite collaborators for informal discussions at the desk or shift it under the desk while not in use. Edvi supports a weight load up to 136 kg.

Elegant strength: At Steelcase we are constantly tinkering to push how we innovate, design and engineer our products. Edvi is an ode to minimalism, elegantly supported by intricate engineering. To achieve its light, unjointed structure and flowing lines, a single piece of sheet metal sealed with a single weld was used to create the shell. Supported by specially engineered jigs and fixtures, the result is a design that is both delicate and robust.

Precision radius: Edvi features curved corners with a precise radius of 30 mm to accentuate their curvature. This continuous curve is followed through generously on both sides of the storage edges to bring a new softer approach for users. A continuous “shadow line” between the shell on the storage doors lends the wrap a floating and airy aesthetic.

Soft closure: Touch. Release. Open. We tested different thicknesses of steel arriving at a precise 1.5mm for the shell to ensure the closure experience on the Edvi works seamlessly and silently.

Flexibility utility: A capable work companion supports you through a variety of work postures and is always ready to shift at a moments notice.

Archie move: People move at work, and so does Edvi. Edvi is a mobile office storage solution that can move anywhere you need it to, thoughtfully designed with a new castor we call “archie.” Inspired by the design of pulleys, the castors have a diameter of 65 mm to enhance the movement of Edvi. The chosen size of the castors and location on the edges of the pedestal, make them highly accessible to lock them with ease.

Hidden delight: Complement Edvi with an accessory pen tray to keep stationery, files and other daily items organized and within arms reach.

Optimized material use: Comprised of 25% recycled materials by weight and 86% recyclable by weight, with all the steel used being 100% recyclable, the Edvi is as much a companion for the earth as it is for you. Manufactured out of China and India for regional delivery in APAC, its carbon footprint is small and its simple disassembly makes it easy to recycle.

Greener longevity: 93% of the Edvi’s material weight is metal composition, giving Edvi performance longevity, and minimizing plastic usage.

Colour Scheme:

No Contrast ,Dip Combo, Merge Combo, Mix Combo

Weight Rating:

136 kg


Cushion Top
Pen Tray