On Point Table, H650

14-16 weeks
Ø1600 X 650mm H; center part: Ø145/380/500mm

Frame: Frame in wood

Upholstery: Upholstered in fabric or leather. Standard leather Elmo Soft.

Top: Table top in white pigmented oak laminate with beveled edges.

5 Year Warranty
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On Point table is designed by Mattias Stenberg, the designer behind the successful stool Carry On. With its soft and elegance appearance the table is great for meeting between people but can also be used, with plants and greenery, for seperate private conversations. On Point is a part of Offecct’s O2asis concept and its different center modules makes it possible to fit different sizes of plants into the table. The table is also available with power source which makes it perfect for all public places where electronic devices are used.

“The On Point table is a further development of the ideas that originated from the Carry On stool. The series is based on the idea of the informal meeting in a workplace or a public space, for example an airport. With their very obvious handles, the stool provoke mobility and spontaneous meetings. The table is designed to allow full contact between up to eight people around it, while it’s also perfect for more private and intimate gatherings among a few individuals. It is part of Offecct’s O2asis-concept, with vegetation integrated into furniture pieces in order to improve wellbeing and air quality. The table can hold plants and trees of different dimensions, with rings of two sizes placed in the table’s centre. It’s also a way of creating a micro architecture in the room, with the tree’s natural ceiling that makes us feel pleasantly enwrapped and comforted.” /Mattias Stenberg.


1) Center module in three different variations, outside measurement Ø500 mm.
Grey lacquered MDF for O2asis with two different inside measurements 380/145 mm, alternative a full center module in grey laminated plywood. Compartment for plants: Ø650 mm, height 610 mm. (please see in the booklet).
2) 1, 2 alternative 4 single sockets.


Environmental labeling:
Nordic Swan Ecolabel


Mattias Stenberg